Thursday, August 28, 2008

TV On The Radio On The Internet

In advance of their forthcoming album, Dear Science, Brooklyn electro art rockers TV On The Radio have leaked a handful of new tracks throughout cyberspace.

Two of the new tunes, the sax heavy Golden Age and Dancing Choose can be found here.

TVOTR's full length ode to molecules and what not hits shelves September 23.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Bloc Party Out...Now

So much for foreplay. Former indie darlings Bloc Party have chosen to forego the typical industry buildup to their latest album, opting instead to make it availalbe for download now. Intimacy, the the British troupe's third LP, was released digitally on the band's website earlier this week essentially with no warning. The foursome's followup to 2007's A Weekend In The City will be released in hard form in the U.S. on October 28.

Not sure how we feel about this one yet.

For those who are partial to their previous work.

Telograph No More


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kings of Leon Pee Razor Blades

Kings of Leon don't merely fritter away their days on women and drink. They also happen to churn out some rather good songs about fittering their days away on women and drink.

Clan Followill's fourth full length album, Only By The Night, is set for release on September 23. Seems the U.K.'s favorite good 'ol boys have been trying out some of the new tunes on the summer fest circuit, including a recent stop at the All Points West Music and Arts Festival in New Jersey. Several of the new tunes are making their way across the net. Our favorite, Sex on Fire, is below.


U.S.Royalty Issue EP

The Society interupts its summer slumber to report that D.C. yacht rockers U.S. Royalty have released their first EP. DC area fans have several opportunities to join in on the regalia with a smattering of shows scheduled throughout the District in August and September. The video for the band's first single, Every Summer, can be viewed at their home in the series of tubes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Of Montreal Put Finishing Touches On Latest Opus

Indie pop troupe Of Montreal's newest album is finished, according to the band's myspace page. Kevin Barnes, the Athens, Georgia outfit's free wheeling leader, reports that the follow up to 2007's Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer? has been mastered and is set for a fall release. It is tenatively titled Skeletal Lamping.

Barnes apparently did the yeoman's share of creating the new tunes, which he sees as a departure from the band's recent synth pop work. Says Barnes

i am so bored with art that makes sense and "works". i wanted to do somethings that didn't "work". very few things pique our interest while they are working as we expect them to, things are far more interesting when they are not working.

Clearly, Barnes & Co are no strangers to thinking, and performing, outside of the box.

A fall tour in support of Skeletal Lamping is also in the works.

Coldplay's Viva la Vida Streaming, Doesn't Suck

Not to be outdone by the nude Scandavians below, Coldplay is also making its new album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends available for your listening enjoyment prior to its official release.

At the risk of being beaten within an inch of our life (or at least publicly berated) by all of the "serious" music folks out there, we dare say that Viva la Vida ain't half bad. The Brian Eno produced LP moves beyond the territory charted on A Rush of Blood to the Head and largely retread with X&Y, reaching a continually modern sound.

Dont get us wrong; no one will be confusing these guys with Radiohead anytime soon and their perpetually sappy frontman, Chris Martin, is certainly no Shakepeare. We also agree that the chart topping sales, darling fanfare and general sillyness surrounding Coldplay is largely unwarranted and, at times, even down right aggravating. That said, we never really understood why their mass fan appeal requires the band's work to be examined under such a high powered microscope.

The album will be properly released on Tuesday. Check it out for yourself while its free and let us know what you think.